A look at MOVEMENT and ENERGY in a painting.

A look at Movement and Energy in a painting.

Something that I am conscious of when I compose my painting is capturing some sense of movement and with it energy.

The landscape that my eyes look upon contains elements of dynamism. From the steady trot of horses hooves upon the water to the quiet stance of a women in reflection. Energy can be reflective and still or dynamic and moving.

The very action of the brush upon the quiet surface of the empty canvas causes one to move and to activate all of one’s senses. The mind recalls memories and captures what the eye has observed, merging it with inner experience. The canvas is the plate that serves many tasty morsels and tantalising delights to the viewer. It becomes a means of communicating with the viewer through a language that is colour, texture, technique and composition. All combine to express the marriage of the artist and the subject that s/he has chosen to describe.

My pursuit is to freeze these islands of stillness and of movement. To document by means of a visual journal the people and places that my eyes’ lens focuses on. My soul is inspired , enriched and encouraged.