Brian and Courtney s Mystical, Memorable and Marvellous Marriage in the Midlands .


These two caught my eye early on in their relationship. The way of dress, the looks , the stance , I could not put a finger on it . The magic continued and what a blessing to be allowed to witness the union. Two deep thinking individuals ready to embrace their love in marriage. My brush was steady with one idea and no sooner did that make itself concrete, the bristles worked hard to pull and push and dab and dart with thick and thin paint across my canvas tooth. The smell of oil as old as this institution seemed ready to explore a communication between the two. And in the dance that caught my eye , the grass gave way to water. When biblical Peter stepped out of the boat at the instruction of Christ in a very terrifying storm, his focus was so intensely directed into the eyes of that he looked on, and so I joined this thought to that which was before me on the fabric. There, glued by glorious sanctimony lay the secret ingredient between these two embarking on this journey called trust. And so as I saw hidden under paint the confidant lines of paste gone before, two lines closed the circle between the one s eye to the others mouth and back again. To speak and to see that which is good under heaven s delight. Enjoy and be merry for joy be your fill, until your days light grows dim, and eternity awakens .

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