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Green fields fall upon Virginia Preparatory School Today was my only daughters last day at Virginia Preparatory School. As I painted this for the headmaster Mr Wayne Bannister, I pondered on the meaning of this for me, for her, for us all as a family. A chapter closes on a part of youth and opens […]… Read More »

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A memorial memory of Pete Ferraz

Should I rather say that Pete’s spirit lives on…. After the recent death of the founder of Splashy Fen, we found ourselves drawn to attend the memorial service of a man who had become very much a presence in our lives. My husband and I journeyed the road trip from Durban to the farm of […]… Read More »

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The horses of past have come and gone and onward I trot to new pastures.  Last night was the opening of the Durban Girls College Art exhibition. As guest speaker I tire of repeating my chats and decided to interview the 16 girls and glean an understanding of each girls heart . With that came […]… Read More »

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This magnificent horse was inspired by a photograph taken by Katherine Venniker. Very Rarely do I use another s photograph but this one I could not resist. A “Stud from Summerhill called Solskjaer”. The play on the letter “S” fitted in with the developing titles for the other little paintings exhibited at the moment at […]… Read More »

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Celebrating small but significant marks in a busy world.

Thanking us for the messages of congrats. Fluzy on the floor SMALL MARKS IN A BUSY WORLD. Art Groups have so many reasons for being. Being a teacher in one has made me grow and live many experiences through the eyes of the people that walk through my doors and share the studio space. Debi […]… Read More »

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