A day in the life…

Today had a different feel to it. Today our focused and selfless hat that goes with being a mother was to be replaced by an artists beret. An intriguing women artist and teacher, from Nigeria, was in town. With great excitement, we would be travelling to Hilton to attend a live figure drawing class under Hermine Colemans instruction.
Setting off. Exchanging a few of the hurdles we had to jump over in order to get the time to participate, we resigned to go with no expectation and to embrace whatever came our way that day. An easy drive for half an hour suddenly came to a halt as we faced the standing traffic before Camperdown. The reason had become common place. Another accident on that road. Only this time it would take 5 hours to clear as it had involved 50 vehicles.
Ready for adventure we noticed a few cars getting onto a dirt road and surmised that there surely must be more than one road leading to “Rome”.Feeling empowered behind the wheel  of a strong 4 x 4, we felt secure enough to follow. Many bends later we discovered the beautiful township of Mpumalange and with it a list of positive attributes to say about our country.
The key character was a wonderful man, called Bongani, with an incredibly generous smile. We’ll be sure to look for his number when he runs the Comrades next year. He worked for the metropolitan water and aided us in finding our point of reference. That being the local police station. We were in need of a local to guide us on our way without getting ourselves into trouble by making unwise decisions.
On entering the police station I marvelled at the view over the valley, similar to the look of the valley of a thousand hills. Vast and curvaceous. Sight was activated! Sense number 1.
A curious and very friendly officer listened carefully to our request. Commenting on the peace filled spirit within the station was reinforced by the agreeing staff within this law abiding building. Walking down the passage to meet the constable I received an sms from a friend “…and your wants!!! Confused I saw I had missed a message and the familiar Phil 4:6 reference immediately made sense. Do not be anxious but in everything with prayer and petition, present your requests to God. Rather appropriate and in perfect time I thought.
Soon we were back in our car, following a kind police escort, meandering our way to our destination. I was impressed with the constables parting words.He had instructed the police officer to take us the route that would show us the beautiful place in which they worked. He appeared so proud.The vista and green valleys were indeed beautiful and tranquil. Our soul was rich with imagery.  Sense 6 had been activated.
By the time we arrived at our workshop, delirious with our adventure, all inhibitions had left us. Worrying about performing had no time to take claim of us. And so with this attitude we began our journey into the valleys and plains of the female nude. Lightening and thunder activated sense 3.Sound. The taste and smell of apples and rain charged up other senses. A marriage was to take place between our paper, ourselves with all our senses, our medium and our interpretation of the scene laid before us. Charcoal stick and dust, oxides and pastels, oil sticks and chalk all wriggled and danced to the tune inside our heads.We were encouraged to feel these ingredients as our fingers touched paper . Each mark counted and had a voice. All senses in unison documented the time away…. 
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