Today I tapped into the race, others are running it. It is my turn to support from the sideline. Comrades day in South Africa is always exciting to witness even from your TV screen. I know people running as perhaps so do you and I have known those that never finished it , dusted that off and are trying again.

Today, others run a different kind of race. In Stellenbosch University a gifted young lady pours her heart into her painting as she faces both the agony and ecstasy of producing works of art. Time is ticking as she runs towards the deadline of her exhibition. A close friend runs a different race of sorts, one involved in moving house. No doubt her works of art will declare this victory and transformation but for now she must be sweating in her endeavour to settle. And yet another ¬†friend is on the road to healing . I stood beside them all today as I prayed for the soothing balm to get into the runners joints, the artists soul and my friend’s mind.

I’ve heard it said that drawing is likened to slaying the dragon in order to rescue the princess. How aptly put for many of us when we embark on a new work, face a blank canvas or dare to pull the plug out of a creative block.

I surrounded these folk with a soothing song today. They run their race well. We are all worthy of finding truth deep inside, we all deserve the Glory as we step onto the dance floor of this called life.

We need to know that we are prepared for a time such as this. As a farmer prepares his soil before harvesting, as the runner crosses the finish line, the artist completes the phase of work done, the mover enters new ground to nest, all are prepared…today is tomorrows beginning unfolding in this life’s race. Trials and tribulations will come. Be strong , endure the hardships for we live in the promise of Hope and Peace.


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