Revealing Heaven Secrets

Sunday 29 November 2020
Sunday Paintings
Revealing Heaven’s Secrets

As I sat watching the sun rise this morning, I recalled the vision I had yesterday. Seen here in this post.

An image in my head of a huge vessel entering the harbour carrying nourishment of all sorts for the city. Golden healing gifts to remind people of dreams lost. Nourishing food with definite greens. The best harvested crops. Clothing made of silk and linen and cotton.
All of this in royal colours that are made pastel by the dusky light.
It is the end of the day. The sun is behind the hill called Berea.

The ship is gigantic with huge port holes and many gantries.

There is a silence that draws you to pay attention as it passes purposefully by.
It rocks easily as if familiar with the routine.
There are no crowds.
No one expects this visitation.

The ports open and huge drawbridges drop down with the weight of their authority.
The bridges, made of wood, fall upon the dock.
This is what holds the ship steady, in its place.

And then… massive golden draped creatures disembark. I feel them to be ministering angels. Heavenly Creatures.

They come with purpose and with treasure. Some have swords, others carry gifts.
The vision is sepia monotone with gold light at the time of the setting sun.

Back to earth’s reality, I begin to get dressed for church. My mind embracing the memory of two days ago. My third child, my second son would have turned seven.
Not here, but in Heaven.
I consider seven to be my favourite number. Inherited from my mother that saw signs with the number seven.

I collect my drawing boards and grab some crayons, charcoal sticks and pastels on the way out.

In the front of the church, I take a stance alongside my set up easel to the left of the worship band.

As a working artist, I have for some years, drawn what I hear, see and feel. When I draw, I feel I need to move quite decisively and these actions make the mark, deliberate yet free.

This Sunday Speaker and YouTube blogger, Richard Lawton asked the question, “Are you a slave to your work or can it be your worship?’.

My work is my worship to God. Through the people I have worked with, taught, mentored, my work as teacher and artist has been an act of love, an opportunity to give back and edify and see beyond limitations.
Today’s worship was for the people of our city to understand that we often do not see what is in the unseen but that there is ministering angels sent to help. And that we can allow ourselves to see the secrets that heaven has for us.
That we live in the confidant hope of seeing a harvest.

This is what I drew today.

On a personal note, the gift in this message became apparent to me, after the service when I was describing my dream to a friend. As I was expressing my vision, I noticed a little familiar face within the only port hole with an image.

We both recognised my son Joshua John, who changed his address five years ago.

Again I am reminded of the scripture we prayed over him and which my family stands by today. Joshua1v9.

Whilst we do all we can to live righteously and in confidant hope of the harvest in our future, we also are called to stand courageously and to not be dismayed, afraid or discouraged. For the Lord, our God is with us, wherever we are to go.

We do not stand alone.

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