Summer s Cricket Season at Kearsney College

The A.H.Smith Kearsney Oval – dry point etch 2017

From Trailing the Trappist Exhibition to a trail of a different kind – Cricket.
This past weekend saw what would be the last event in our son’s school career. The Cricket dinner . This lead me to sketch each boy and present them with an etch , fitting for a school full of tradition .

This is not the first time that I have merged art and sport .
Indeed, Kearsney College, intentionally highlights both culture and sport. Cricket and my etch mirror each other.

The batsman and bowler’s performance is regulated by many internal and external equations which, metaphorically could be seen as fickle as the toss of the coin between the two captains at the start of each game.
The Cricket game really lingers into a full day affair .
As Luke de Vlieg states, it is physically taxing and of no comparison in length to any other field sport. And yet he goes on to say that the defeats make you more determined and the victories are received in a spirit of humility.

The ancient art of the etch seems apt to parallel the historical feature of cricket. Each print withstands intense pressure . The process takes time before the image sinks into the memory and reality of the cotton paper.
The result always organic and varied.

Our cricket oval is named after Mr Arthur Hubert Smith – “Bertie” . Known for his courage , sense of humour and an interest in preparing young people for the life that lies ahead of them. (Chronicle,Dec,1946)

It is poignant to end here.
May these attributes continue on the A. H. Smith Cricket Oval, as gentlemen and parent meet over a game filled with wholesome traditions that have stood the test of time and a love rekindled with each passing match.

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