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The Flight of the Hockey Figure

Tonight we celebrated the end year dinner of the Kearsney first team hockey 2017. It was with such tenderness I sketched these boys for a book that was compiled by , Tracey and Simon Hudson using the help of  photographs taken by Tracey Van den Aardweg, Ann Farqharson, Yvonne and Mark Conway and I . […]… Read More »

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Travel with me…

 One of the strengths of an artist lies inside the rucksack that s/he takes with them when they about to embark on a journey. Albeit , since every day is such an adventure , one should carry a sketchbook everywhere. As the festival season draws near and folk have renewed hopes in the upcoming holiday, […]… Read More »

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Drawn to Dancing

 Charcoal Sketching is one of the quickest mediums to capture a mood. Below I have included just two of the many positions of Acrobats. “Getting into Chin” and “Elbow” (read left to right) With the side of the charcoal, rub the page . Then simply squeeze the putty eraser until it is in a point […]… Read More »

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Sketching from the Stage

An Acrobat goes through her moves inside her head. Pencil Sketch using 2B and 6B.    “I observe her intense focus on the stage as she quietly goes through her moves… no move is too sharp nor too rushed… she stands, she flows her arms as if through water… she stands poised and dignified before […]… Read More »

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DRAWING WITH DEE DONALDSON Pencil Hatching the figure(ANA) Earlier this year Dee called me up to ask if any of my students would be keen to begin a life drawing course with her. That is to draw the living figure which is posing in front of you versus working from a photograph. My response was to […]… Read More »

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