Teddy Mascot for a brilliant team .

Today I sketched a teddy , one that is loved by young men who play first team hockey at a local school. This Mascot called Rex is approachable, patchy and it is chubby. On posting it for all to see and to enjoy , I realize that this time last year I wrote about my Joshua’s teddy that I had called Peek a boo. In counselling there is a term called attachment theory. This is the object that brings comfort to the child , second best to “mama bear”. We all know what that looks like . The world of Winnie the Pooh bear became more concentrated for me after the passing on of my young son Joshua. The valuable quotes that fill one with simple wisdom cause a smile and a treat into some other fantastical world . Today Teddy hood drawing tread a tender love of what was attached to this Mascot teddy.  That is , it reminded me of teenage boys , my eldest son Luke in particular, that become such feisty beautiful men with skill and honor as nobly soft as the character of this bear that creeps into my heart and will be as sorely missed as these last years of teen hood . Here’s a salute to the teddy , the Mascot, that has been and always will be a cheering reminder of the good memories that we hold dear.