TRAILING THE TRAPPISTS- an exhibition at Mariannhill Monastery.

The Trappist trail opened for Ana, an invitation into her past; as student in the Fine Arts, as bridesmaid at her brothers wedding, as voyeur and childhood visitor to the farms and candle shop of Mariannhill and more recently – as mother of live baby Jesus – christmas eve 2013.

This trail has been a tribute to the memories of the artists small son who changed his address in 2015 at age 19 months. God certainly is close to those who mourn and art a valuable tool to cast “chaos” away.
“For this reason perhaps my artwork focuses on the area around the Thanksgiving chapel, the nature surrounds mimic the architecture. Creation itself testifies to the existence of God.”

Through oil on canvas , mixed media on board, sprinkle of gold leaf , Ana paints a way into a space of majesty, of spirituality where places are stillfully peaceful and generously welcome those that hurt and are lost and in need of a hand of help.

This body of work is also a tribute to the people that dedicate their lives to humanity, have taught, have healed and have sat beside the downtrodden, the homeless and the vulnerable . To them , I have chosen to take the time to look and see where the ancient paths go…

Below are some of the images painted. The etchings shall be posted separately.


The Artists Light ,oil and Gold leaf on Board 26cm x 14cm …sold


This work has become a record of a moment in the Artist’s life . The statue of Mary holding Jesus was found on a visit to the Candle making nun – Sister Amanda, during the time of the visits for this exhibition. The Artist renovated this broken , discarded statue to it’s present condition. The veil between heaven and earth is as thin as the transparency of light. The thanksgiving chapel in the distance secures our notion of hope and God’s promise to always be in our midst.
26cm x 18cm – pen, ink , oil and gold leaf on board.

A walk to the Thanksgiving Chapel at Marianhill soon highlights the tall stems of trees , dappled light and majestic walk up the hill to see this stained glass Chapel in the round. Whispered words are heard and lettered prayers seen inside on an alter no bigger than my dining table . Simple peace is felt , dreams of hope seen in this space of creativity.
26cm x 18cm – pen, ink, oil and gold leaf on board
ZAR 850.00 Available . — in Ethekwini.


This image was inspired on a visit to the Marianhill Monestry to see the late Father Henry, who was to give us a tour of the place. On leaving , the light on the steps leading up to the Grotto of Mother Mary caught my eye. God interupts us in our day . We stopped and delighted in our find. Old stone staircase, hidden candles amidst the grotto and grass. The light, the climb and the solitude to stand before the old silent statue of the Mother of Jesus , left me inspired.
26cm x 18cm – pen, ink and oil, gold leaf on board,
ZAR.850.00 Available