Travel with me…

 One of the strengths of an artist lies inside the rucksack that s/he takes with them when they about to embark on a journey. Albeit , since every day is such an adventure , one should carry a sketchbook everywhere.

As the festival season draws near and folk have renewed hopes in the upcoming holiday, I decided to pause a little and look at what goes inside my little rucksack.

Whenever I travel I find myself starting off with good drawing pens on smooth thick (300gram) paper .
Watercolours are a favourite and also charcoals sticks give a quick result to capture the essence of my experience.

Sometimes I carry everything whilst other times I select items to make my bag lighter on longer walks… now let us have a look…

I change my watercolour pans depending on where I am going to. Here, a safe range includes: Cadmium yellow, white, Cadmium red, Alizarin Red, Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Sap and Viridian green, Yellow Ochre, Burn’t Sienna, Burn’t Umber and Raw Umber.

Sable brushes are great to use…
Small smooth paper is best for time constraints.
Ensure this is thick to prevent warping…

Black card found in most art supply shops is
good to use when one wants to capture just the light on objects or people being portrayed.
Usually these come in booklet form.

Sketchbooks are multiple in book and art stores.
Be aware of the thickness and weight of them.

I always keep a little leather bound clean page sketchbook come notebook come journal in my handbag for referencing, doodling and sketching.
My favourite to write and sketch with lately is a brown fine liner pen found in multiple colour pen kits.

 Pencils, Charcoal sticks, White chalk pencils, Graphite sticks in various densities of hard, medium and soft are all good tools in which to play and use to capture your experiences.

And a variety of pencils, pitt pastel pencils in oil and chalk get placed into my little black box.
A variety of ink pens from .2 , to .8 is a must!
Brush pens are also great to play with on tours and travel.

And finally, a good camera is very useful for referencing and working up images once back in the studio. Needn’t be big of course, but be able to take clear images.

…….let’s go…..

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