Listening in ernest outside my studio

Yesterday in studio of Ana s Palette enjoyed the first class together with celebrations of birthdays.One such birthday was a 50. She may not want it published but what a life to celebrate! Kerry Howell has been painting in my studio since 2007. Indeed she was apart of the original group to do the drawing class. Attentive to detail, she has since worked on realistic and looser works but what I most love is this artist’s ability to get intricately lost in her work. The workings of the brain transcends her environment and the neural pathways transport her into other worlds be it memories of children had or focused attention to detail.

Donation for the everyOnecounts

Mother of three beautiful children, Kerry walks into the studio with smiles and appreciation for her time here. Graceful and Grateful would be words used to describe her.  Using art for it’s therapeutic benefits, Kerry paints for her home, for friends and for worthy causes. Below is one such painting donated to the everyOnecounts campaign of 2010. Inspired by an orphan in an abandoned children’s home , Kerry chose to paint her chubby foot over the piano sheet notes to the old age song of “He’s got the whole World in his hands” . The music sheet mimics the other passion in her life. That of pianist and singer in the local church band. Looking no where else but what she experiences in her ordinary day, musician and helping out at the local home for abandoned babies , Kerry created this original work of art and whats more, thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Another source of inspiration to Kerry is her family and holiday destinations. Take a look at the windows into these spaces. I need not explain these. The paintings themselves carry this artist’s self and love of the moment.